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How to Prepare to Move your Elderly Parents into a Retirement Home

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Moving our senior loved ones across the country or moving them into a senior community can be very challenging. There are a lot of reasons to move elderly parents from their beloved homes. As their child, it is extremely difficult to discuss your plan of moving them to a retirement home because you know how much the house meant to them. Always remember that moving them means separating them from the memories collected in the house. So, it is best to do thorough research and find the best retirement home for them, after all, they deserve the best.

Aside from discussing your plan to move your senior parents, there are so many things you need to consider to make the transition as smooth as possible.

1. Proper communication.

Again, this is the hardest thing to do. You don’t like to see the sadness and the worries in their eyes. The emotional connection to the house especially if they have stayed there for so long will be very strong.  It won’t be easy for anyone to leave a place they love. Give them time to grieve and to think of the benefits of moving to a senior community. Their main worry when moving to a house that is not theirs is the perceived lack of control. Get them involved with how they want to move, the moving date, and what are the things they want to bring with them.

2. Choose the best elderly care homes for them.

Assure them that living in a senior community will work out for their best interest. Choose an elderly care institution that will take care of their daily needs, their health, and their emotional requirements. Check their facilities, their house rules, and their treatment towards other seniors. It is your responsibility to leave them where you know they will be given the best services possible.

3. Plan effectively.

Consult your parents how they want to move and what date. Remember that the whole thing is all about them and their input is very important. If they choose to hire a service of professional movers, check if you can afford it. Consult about the price and try to negotiate without sacrificing the quality of the service. If they opt not to hire movers, ask the help of their close friends and your relatives with the packing and the actual moving process. Once your parents see that the entire family and friends are behind them in this difficult times, it will make them at ease and more comfortable because they feel their support.